Living Out


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Maybe Next Time I Change Side..             I dont want an Penis                                                Illuminati Appointment 2002 – 2020      

Girls, Sarah  never Gave  Changes with Love and Sex..  I Cried Many Nights.. They Lived out,wasted Changes   I know Love, sex  is  now  fun ..  Changes are very Flaw..        and I Never got Love

I continue got No Selfworth of No Love Appointment, Living Out, and that I cant have Love, sex.. that I must become Imperfect ..   Girls were laughing Me off that I didnt have love, sex    


 Others continue can have Love, sex ?     Sad Memories of Others ( hate , Laughing Off, Living Out )          Got Nothing, No Love, sex Money Children, Baby’s  Villas Cars

I walk alone in streets, buy clothes alone and see Lingerie Stores and then I know girls dont want me            I visit Zoo, Swimming Pool, Sea, Railway Museum..I see Little Kids ( Baby’s )




Knowing Sarah


I wanted to Know Sarah, I visited her Place several Times, gave my adres or mb nr already..

She was always acting her Role, From Begin On MSN Chat.. and I didnt Learn to know Her, she didnt miss me from the start (ignored me )

 and Lived Out with the Class & Game on Me,  She chooses for dark and hates me and doesnt miss me,


MSN:   2002, Sarah wanted that I dont start the game?     2003, Shut Up, Do you mean I Got Ignored and Sarah acted and I told the Truth  I am acting, you must beJoking right?:(

2005: Do you care for Me and my family2005: I write Sins Not Tragedies..You ruined it…       “We dont Need This” SORRY NOT SORRY?    I must Hate Myself if Sarah Hates Me?






Sarah does Nothing? Everything is Acting..           I always saw Videos  with living Out, or always sad messages she doesnt miss me.. 






















Our Father





Illuminati Changes?





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